Valiant is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions in Electric Vehicle technology. Valiant stems from the Company’s passion to advocate clean air and provide a quality product that is both effective in personal transportation and also in keeping our environment safe. With zero emissions of fuel toxins and pollutants, it’s mission is a global initiative to provide a better, more healthy world for not only the future of the earth but for the health and well-being of our children and families.

Fashion Tails
Fashion Tails promotes awareness for animal rescues. This organization is dedicated to rescues mainly in an effort to liberate these animals from the euthanasia list. The goal for Fashion Tails is to “keep the door revolving instead of closed”, says the founder of Fashion Tails Eva Danielle. From this awareness, people can learn to care for these animals and start adopting. “Miami Dade Animal services has 250 spaces for cats and dogs, and they put down 200-300 a day”, urges the founder Ms. Danielle, “Fashion Tails encourages us all to get involved, and will be sponsoring a nationwide effort supported by photographers in the masses who will be taking pictures of these animals in a way you’d never expect. With a fashion model at their side!” These photos will debut on websites, in tabletop books, galleries, fashion events, and more to promote this awareness. The advertisements for this worthy cause will encourage potential animal lovers to act fast! The hope is that through the power of fashion, these animals can be seen in a new light, they can be loved, and more than anything they can find a home before its too late.

Celeste Music International is the brainchild of mega duo Celeste and Paul Grundman. Grundman offers state of the art music mastering, and is son to Hollywood Royalty Bernie Grundman of Bernie Grundman Mastering. Celeste is a widely recognized singer and songwriter complimenting the Hollywood scene for over a decade. Together CMI creates quality artistry and are generous supporters of giving back. The philosophy for them both is that for every step they take to generate their widespread success, there is an equally important step they must take to help others. For them its children with autism. To spread awareness and education, and to gain unity in the cause.

Harlan Brands
Harlan Brands is a company dedicated to fashion for children. Mother of two, fashion designer Ms. Harlan on the side lines is powerfully motivated to promote nutritional education for both adults and children.  Through a host of worthy blogs and websites Harlan Brands has utilized their name to enforce TRUE health, and the importance of Whole Foods.

Zero 2 Hero
Zero to Hero mentors young adults to assure they are receiving the proper education, the nutritional habits and resources to stay healthy, and the full circle training that is paramount to making them a hero in sports and in their personal lives. Zero 2 Hero’s company goals are to encourage professional athletes and coaches to aid and assist the newcomers in athletic training with one on one specialized training.

A quote from a student trained by Owner of Zero to Hero Coach David Bowden

“When you talk about Coach Bowden, you don’t talk about the workouts or the races or how hard he pushes you. You talk about his commitment to his students and athletes. He always took it upon himself to talk with parents when there was a problem or take a kid to get a physical when he couldn’t afford it. He cares.”

-Mike LaValle: Former University of Florida Runner

The Ward Mansion
The Historical Ward Mansion, turned elegant boutique hotel in Washington was inspired by founder and generous supporter of LaVoix’s Poetic Couture, Tammy Clifton Schneider. Ms. Schneider is a Cancer survivor, actively involved in the Thyroid Cancer Foundation Tammy’s active message is to expresses the importance of stress in women, a widespread concern for this particular type of cancer, she states. “I want to help women realize their self worth and hidden strengths” says Ms. Schneider .