“Peace, a Global Responsibility”

We at Poetic Couture Magazine believe in freedom from fear of violence and a harmony that can only exist between nations when we reach the peace within ourselves and with humankind. Understanding the cultures that surround us is critical to our vision for a world united. With this awareness we gain perspective into the social relevance that interconnects us as individuals and therefore countries. Every voice can be recognized, understood, and respected. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” In an effort to share our message, 8 models joined us for a week long photo shoot to explore their natural born cultures, and to memorialize their expressions of peace. Each model is authentically from the culture they represent. For those that exist outside these represented few, every culture is an important voice that deserves to be heard. With that said, we hope each photo will inspire individuals to seek out world cultures. With this effort we can commonly unite generations and be influenced by others who are actively engaging in peace missions around the globe. The next time each of us meets a new individual, our goal is for this achievement to shine new light for an unbiased perspective that allows us all to embrace other cultures, and to understand other belief systems however different they may be from our own. With that fundamental recognition one can arrive at the first step towards peace and the first step towards humanity. We then realize that united we all share one common thread, and that is the necessity to be loved and to love one another.





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Photography By: Michael Sanville Visit Website
Creative Director: Fiore of LaVoix & Poetic Couture Magazine

Styled By: Katelynn Tilley Visit Website
Hair and Makeup By Hiroko Claus Visit Website

Models: Los Angeles
Cover: Chloe of Next Model Management
Italy: Mikayla of Hollywood Models Management

India: Natasha of Wilhelmina
African American: India of Next Model Management

Russia: Ariel of Wilhelmina
Poland: Magda of Photogenics

Germany: Elizabeth of Photogenics
Latin America: Tiffany of CESD Talent


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