Poetic Couture examines critical subject matter globally via the Fashion and Entertainment industry.

As a thought provoking, photographically empowered fashion and lifestyle magazine, Poetic Couture caters to a savvy, well cultured, and unique audience. It’s philanthropic efforts champion the publishing industry with quality content, and innovative solutions for the growing social concerns in the world today. This attracts the most intellectual, socially active, participants. This also compels readers that are commercially loyal to support the products they purchase, and in turn we have become the trusted source to finding those representative advertisers. As LaVoix’s partner, and philanthropic voice online, Poetic Couture is a leader in digital advertising opportunities including:


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We do offer a special edition in paperback as a limited addition.

ANNUAL PAPERBACK ISSUE: Our annual issue is a celebration of how the magazine has made a difference and who helped us get there with select features from our favorite editorials, story highlights, and charities from around the globe! Bring in the new year with Poetic Couture!

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